Ethiopia Natural Limu



Kossa Geshe is located in Limmu Kossa District in Western Ethiopia. This farm is part of 1,000 hectare land that was granted to the Nigusse Lemma family in 2009 by the Ethiopian government to safeguard some of the last remaining dense forest in the country. Abdul manages the farm and as of recently (2016) the coffee coming from the estate has won a Good Food Award.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    • Cupping notes: Pomegranate, Molasses, Rose
    • Roast Level: Light
    • Region: Meto Gundb in SW Ethiopia
    • Elevation: 1800 to 2000 meters
    • Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom
    • Milling Process: Natural
    • Drying Process: Raised Beds
    • Harvest Start Month: January
    • Harvest End Month: February
    • Export Start Month: May
    • Export End Month: June
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