Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Biloya Instant Coffee



Your favorite coffee in a flash! This Opus Flash Brew instant coffee is the same Opus coffee you love to brew at home, packaged to take with you on the go. This is nothing like the instant coffees you’ve tried in the past; the proprietary process used by our partners, Swift Coffee, allows the beans to retain their flavor and body so well, you may not even be able to tell it’s instant!

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans are grown in the shade of native trees at about 1850 meters and are naturally processed after harvesting. We have chosen a light roast for these beans to bring out the smooth tastes of honey and peach.

The single-serve packets are in boxes of 6, each containing 5g of instant coffee that should be combined with about 10oz of water (or another liquid like oat milk).