If you have an event coming up and would like to have it catered by Opus Coffee, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll bring delicious coffee, freshly baked pastries, bagels and other yummy goodies! You bring the team. Opus Coffee’s catering will be sure to make you the hero at your next meeting!

If you’re looking for a unique outdoor catering experience, try our Nitro Van or Nitro Bike. Guests can serve themselves our fan-favorite nitro coffee on tap along with our most popular iced beverages like vanilla lattes, matchas, and teas.

If you would like to submit a request, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you soon. Opus Coffee caters to UFHealth, the University of Florida, the Innovation District, Santa Fe College, and anywhere else within a 5-mile radius of Downtown Gainesville. All catering orders must be placed at least 48 hours prior to the event. If you are in need of a rush order and not able to to give 48 hours notice, please fill out the form and we will do our best to accommodate but we cannot guarantee service. As always, thank you for thinking of Opus Coffee.

A minimum Catering Fee of either $10 or 15% of your total will be added to the invoice in order to cover payroll and delivery costs. A tip of 15% to 20% will also be added to each invoice that will be given to the person that prepares the catering.

    Event information

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    Build your catering order

    Opus dispenser regular coffee ($35/Dispenser, Serves 20):

    Opus dispenser decaf coffee ($35/Dispenser, Serves 20):

    Opus 2 Go disposable container - Regular ($22/Dispenser, Serves 12):

    Opus 2 Go disposable container - Decaf ($22/Dispenser, Serves 12):

    Hot tea service:

    Fresh fruit cup ($4.65 each, Max 10):

    Fresh fruit bowl ($36, Serves 20):

    Strawberry parfait ($4.65 each):

    Individual yogurt variety ($2.45 each):

    Pastry variety* ($3.45-$4.25 each):

    Donut variety ($3.00 each):

    Muffin variety ($4.25 each):

    Bagel variety ($24/half dozen**):

    Bottled water ($2.00 each):

    Soda bottles ($2.40 each):

    Additional notes/Delivery instructions:

    Please place your catering orders at least 48 hours in advance. There will be an additional 20% rush charge if orders are placed within 48 hours of your event. Opus is able to cater to a maximum of 300 people. Opus 2 Go orders do not include pick-up.

    *A toaster may be provided for orders including more than 6 bagels.

    Our pastries are provided by BakerBaker and bagels from Luke’s Bagels or Egg & Bagels.