Opus Coffee is a family owned and operated roastery. Born from the hearts and minds of Gainesville brothers Tim and Bret Larson, the two brothers founded Opus Coffee as a place for their beloved Gainesville community to come together and enjoy sustainable, meticulously crafted, fresh coffee. Opus has been providing our devoted customers with the finest quality coffee beverages since it was established in 2002. After thriving in our local Gainesville hospitals, we decided becoming more accessible to our community of local coffee lovers and college patrons was of growing importance. Creating our mobile airstream and Innovation location has allowed us to introduce and provide our signature craft coffee to a wider audience than we ever imagined. Our craft coffee can now be found in many of your favorite Gainesville spots, including award winning restaurant, Spurriers. The success and growth of Opus Coffee is based on maintaining a work environment in which our skilled baristas can flourish, as well as providing our faithful customers with unparalleled service and the highest-quality products.


Opus Coffee, Co-founder

Tim Larson knew from a young age that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. After graduating high school, he chose to attend university online so he could simultaneously take classes and follow his passions of bicycle racing, living in Europe, and starting his own business with his brother Bret. Tim’s role at Opus centers around new business initiatives, community engagement, and handling the financials. Tim has two children with wife Katie Larson, and together they coach the National Club Champion University of Florida Women’s Water Polo team.


Opus Coffee, Co-founder

Bret Larson has always had a passion for creativity and helping others. During high school, he enrolled in culinary arts school and at 20 years old started Opus Coffee with his brother Tim. Bret’s role at Opus centers around his desire to create lasting partnerships with the coffee growers by visiting their farms, learning all about their growing processes, and consistently buying their coffee. He then leads the roasting team in creating profiles for new and exciting coffees. Bret has one child with wife Alyson Larson, who teaches at the University of Florida College of Journalism and is the talent behind most Opus branded videos.


Opus Coffee, COO

Katie Larson joined the Opus Coffee team in 2021 as COO. Katie was born in Atlanta, GA and went to the University of Massachusetts to pursue a degree in English Literature and play D1 water polo. After graduation, she completed a Master’s program at Georgia State University before moving to Gainesville, FL. Before joining Opus, Katie was Content Manager for a publishing company, where she directed a team of up to 30 employees and produced more than a dozen educational volumes a year. Katie has 2 children with husband Tim, and together they coach the National Club Champion University of Florida’s Women’s Water Polo team.

An oasis for our customers

Here at Opus Coffee, we provide an oasis for our customers while indulging in our true passion: providing the best possible drinks to Opus customers, from bean selection to cupping, and every step in between. But here at Opus Coffee, we strive to be more than Gainesville’s go to coffee shop. We pride ourselves on being active members of our own community. It is important for us to enrich and support our community as fiercely as they enrich and support us. By catering annual charity events, participating in local hospital fundraisers, and donating to Shands Cancer Center, we are able to give back to the very community that has encouraged and allowed us to further our vision. Our mission at Opus is to provide for the welfare of people; making Opus an exceptional dose of positivity for patients, visitors, and guests; and being a joyful influence on all who visit us. We believe that providing and maintaining extraordinary, fresh coffee is but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of our business. 

We treat the entire process of selecting a coffee that will eventually find its way to our customers with all of the delicacy and precision it deserves. We first start with creating sample roasts. We take each prospective coffee and roast it in several different ways in order to get a well-rounded feel for the coffee itself. In the roaster, the beans go through a metamorphosis, undergoing fundamental changes and darkening in color. After the beans are ground, we meticulously spoon, slurp, and swish coffee around in our mouths to discover which roast level brings out the ideal flavors and complexities we are looking to achieve. Detailed and extensive notes are taken, graphs of the temperatures, and times of the ideal roast are recorded so we can replicate the exact roast of the coffee at the roast level that we preferred. Uncovering the best coffee around takes time, lots of it, but when you taste our freshly brewed coffees, you’ll understand exactly why we take so much care and pride in our process.