Kenya Gititu Farmers Co-op


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From the Big Forest to your morning cup. This coffee is from one of the oldest coffee cooperatives in Kenya and is light roasted to brighten your day with notes of peach and tangerine.

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    Product Description

    The Gititu Farmers Cooperative is one of the oldest specialty coffee cooperatives in Kenya. The cooperative has several wet mills, including the one that produced this lot in the village of Ikinu. Coffee producers from this village tend to have smaller family farms that average less than one acre. The Gititu Farmers Cooperative is managed by an elected board of directors, with day to day operations run by a factory manager. The manager is in charge of member registration, record keeping, and processing the coffee.

    • Kenya Gititu Farmers Co-op
    • Cupping Notes: Peach, Tangerine, Stone Fruit, Bright
    • Roast Level: Light
    • Elevation: 1680 meters
    • Process: Water processed