Opus Coffee is committed to providing the best possible coffee, roasted to order, so we’re excited to announce our brand new Single Origin roast: Guatemala Huehuetenango.

We source the coffee from small farms in the city of Huehuetenango, located in the west-Guatemalan Los Cuchumatanes mountain range that borders Mexico. The desert winds from the Tehuantepec plain in Mexico provide Huehuetenango with protection from frost, creating a moderate climate perfect for coffee cultivation. These beans are grown at up to 2000 meters; this high elevation produces a lot more acidity and fruit flavors than coffee grown in other regions of the country (think Ethiopian, but with a heavier body). The raw coffee is harvested from January through April and is washed, a process that allows for a complete removal of the coffee cherry from the bean, and therefore a cleaner presentation of the unique characteristics of the coffee.

Our Huehuetenango coffee features cupping notes of honey, apricot, and rich chocolate ganache; we’ve chosen to light roast this single origin coffee to showcase the fruity, lively acidity of the beans. It’s our absolute pleasure to share this premium roasted coffee with you! Our Guatemala Huehuetenango single origin can be purchased online or in person at select Opus Coffee locations.