Heartbeat Espresso Blend (formerly the Espresso Blend)


Starting at $18.00

At the root of Opus Coffee Roasters is the Espresso Blend, which has been renamed the Heartbeat Espresso Blend to pay homage to Opus’ hospital beginnings and represents the warmth, hard work, and perseverance that define the Opus community.  A distinct blend of coffees from Indonesia, Africa, and South America, it is dark roasted to ensure the flavor of the beans shines through in any espresso-based drink. The buttery texture and notes of brown sugar and dark chocolate make the Heartbeat Espresso Blend the beloved foundation of the Opus community and the heart of the locations for all the espresso-based drinks they serve.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Opus Coffee Signature Espresso Blend

    Cupping Notes: Hazelnut, Chocolate, Caramel
    Roast Level: Dark
    Regions: Blend of Coffees From Indonesia, Africa, and Central America