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“Sip by sip, one travels far.” So say the Peruvians who produce this Fair Trade and Organic coffee. Each day, the Aprysan community, nestled in a remote mountain town, takes steps to care for the land and each other. Travel along with every sip of this medium roast, savoring notes of blueberry and spices.

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    Product Description

    Aprysa is a group located in the municipality of Rodriguez de Mendoza in the Amazon (one of the more remote coffee producing regions of Peru). We are really excited to be working with Aprysa because of their determination, commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and community care.

    The group is certified fair trade and organic and 42% of the producers are women. They have a holistic approach to producing coffee and place an importance on improving their community by economically empowering their members, educating their youth, and positively impacting the environment.

    Through quality initiatives like improved processing and the construction of solar dryers, Aprysa has achieved high quality standards which have stabilized the group’s supply chains. Within their community, and beyond, Aprysa focuses on securing a bright future for the youth. This is exhibited by the 100% school attendance rate among the children of the Aprysa coffee producers. Regarding their environmental stewardship, the farmers at Aprysa maintain biodiverse farms with 46% of land in coffee production, 21% in forest conservation, and 28% as grass and fields.

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